Friday, January 18, 2008

Goodbye... a God's send.

2. Because we live in an exponentially progressive world. Everything in life is developing at a rate that is in comoprehendable, including writting. New forms of writting, new stories, inspiration, all of it is linked. A writter who doesn't read is like food critic who doesn't eat. You have to know what your talking about.

3. I enjoyed the short stories, they were hands down the most fun. Especially when the class turned into " Intro To Drama" .... after creative writting the only times I'll be using it is for school. I plan to become a chef and there isn't much writting in that.

4. Coke
Lil' Wayne
Chipotle (BY FAR)
American Idol (MTV is whorish garbage... I'd have more fun exfixiating myself then watching that network.)
Dante (I wish it worked with my last name)
Well.. Mexico techincally is Central America, but if that doesn count, France, as soon as I graduate.
The Brave Little Toaster... I love that movie

5. Hell if I know.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Untitled Blog for the Unexcitingly Titled Blog Assignment

1. Friendship and loyalty. My friends all know I would willingly give my life for theirs, and I know they would all do the same for me. They are the reason I get up in the morning. They are the reason for me ever having a smile on my face. It's as simple as that.

2. The most recent news event that actually made me think was when the tabloids went nuts over Jamie Spear's pregnancy, and I thought to myself... WHO CARES?! So the girl got knocked up.. people get pregnant all the time. In fact I thought it was sickening that journalists would take advantage of her like that. Maturnity is often the hardest part of any woman's life, especially in young pregnant woman like Jamie, they become self concious and hormonal, and seeing snap shots and slanderous remarks all over the news isnt going to help the child out. If you want real news look into the millions of other teen pregnancies in this country every year and write an article on how to reduce it. People are dumb.

3. Graduate. Work full time. Move Out. College. Make sure at all costs that Obama gets office.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

#12 blogged out

i finnished it, the computer didnt accept it

Monday, December 10, 2007


3. As a person of course I want to leave an impact. As a person I want to know that through death i won't be forgotten. That people will stop and take a pause when passing my resting place. For many this is hard to obtain from people outside of their family. So what could I, a normal guy in a world of 6.2 billion, possibly do to leave my mark? Yes, I know you want to hear it Mr. Miles, I could write, but that isn't how I hope to leave my fingerprint on this planet. I want to be remembered by those that I have touched personally in my life, through devoted time and loyalty beyond measure. Through the love and the generosity I have shared. There are people on this Earth of ours that we all care for, even the most disgusting and vile of people has someone that will love them. My goal solely is to put my mark on the lives of those I hold dear, and only once that is achieved will I move on and try to change the world.

2. It's true things are both forgotten and remembered with the pass of time. So what makes the remembered special? When it comes to literature I believe its relatability. Writtings can live through centuries if it's still able to be applied to people's fantasies or day to day lives even then. People are only intrested in what they know and are comfortable with, or what they wish existed, such as a great romantic fantasy.

Monday, December 3, 2007

#10 ....derp.

1. A friend of mine once told me shes sees God everywhere, in everything, that everything has some kind of good and some kind of beauty that shines through. I couldn't have disagreed with her more, for my vision is the exact opposite. When I look to people I'm only to see the negative, the bad, the flaws, the evil, what ever people want to call it, and I feel nothing but disappointment. People are ugly creatures with a distorted view of life, it has become a social habit to pressure one of another into this unobtainable ideal way of life. People around the globe are now paying doctors to mangle their natural body in an atempt to create this figure that never seems to be good enough for this planet. I've watched a friend of mine as she destroyed her body by starving it, by puking after every meal, just to join this pointless quest for perfection. Teens everywhere are popping out babies through unprotected sex because they feel to fit in they have to get layed. Just recently I heard a story from a co-worker about 4 guys at her old highschool. These 4 guys made a bet to see how many girls they could get pregnant by the end of the school year, for the fun of it, they got to 17. I have seen videos on the internet of 2 guys dousing a sack of kittens in gasoline and lighting it, all for shits and giggles. I helped my uncle recover from being nearly beatten to death becasue two guys in Chicago wanted his wallet. I read stories everyday of how so and so of how ever few years old dies due to gang violence. I met with a public speaker, a girl who in highschool was slipped GHB, the date rape drug, and raped repeatedly by over a dozen guys, they video taped it, she took them to court and lost. Because she wasn't saying no... this is the kind of world we live in. It is not a beautiful place and there are more things on this planet that disturb me then I could ever begin to count.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happiness #9

1. Happiness is the warm fuzzy feeling deep inside filled with smiles and rainbows.
2. My friends, hands down. They are everything to me, they are what defines me. With them I'm comfortable with anything, seriously I highly doubt there is anything that could embarrass me in front of them. Having people to joke, and people to rely on, I believe that's what brings me happiness.
Recently Added:

That's just a short list of people who have ALWAYS been there for me, and I know always will. I've realized this recently, that going away to college no longer scares me because i know I could never lose these people, no matter how hard I tried.
4. I'd have to say the same people listed above, I make them smile as much as they make me. It's just one big mutual family
5. Aside form the basic body essentials; food, shelter sleep and water, I'd have to say it is happiness, no human can survive a life with no happiness, it's not possible. The human brain becomes sick without happiness, which will later makes the physical body ill, and will shorten life span dramatically, it's impossible to live life without happiness.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


kick boxing
nights out with friends
north carolina